An online mental health assessment that (finally) gets to the bottom of it.

Brought to you by the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine, the MindMetrix comprehensive assessment empowers you to navigate the path to feeling better. Share actionable data with your primary doctor or therapist to get it right, right now.

Full assessment price: $99

For ages 18 & up

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MindMetrix might be right for you if...

  • You've been in therapy or treatment without much relief, leaving you wondering if there's more to the story.
  • You've turned to Google or pop psychology quizzes to understand your symptoms, but were left with more questions than answers.
  • You're seeing a non-psychiatric provider for treatment, and want to ensure they have the full psychiatric picture.
  • You want to see if your symptoms warrant further testing, but you don't want to pay for a full assessment unless there is actually something notable to assess.

It can take months to get an appointment with a prescriber. Even then, most don't have time to get the full picture. Come prepared.

How it works

There's a new way to advocate for your mental health in three easy steps.

    1: Take the assessment

    We turned the highly effective screening process of a large outpatient clinic into an assessment you can take at home. Start it for free to see if your symptoms warrant further testing. The full assessment incorporates industry-standard tools for identifying over 60 mental health conditions in about an hour's time.

    2: Read your report

    After taking the assessment, you will immediately receive a report PDF that you can confidently take to your primary doctor or therapist to guide a conversation around your care. The report reveals evidenced-backed data around the conditions where you had an elevated likelihood, and curates considerations to further guide decision-making.

    3: Share with your provider

    Share your report with any primary care doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, OBGYN, or any other healthcare professional. They often need more data in order to properly treat you, and this report speaks their language with metrics they know and recognize. Only a licensed provider can diagnose and prescribe medications.

Why MindMetrix?

We equip individuals with the tools to advocate for themselves.

    Accurate Results

    Our thorough approach to testing ensures that results are reliable, valid, and representative of you.

    Proven, Medically-based

    MindMetrix was created by a team of trusted psychiatrists and psychologists who use the assessment in their practice.

    Actionable Recipe for Treatment

    Get answers and relevant information immediately after taking the assessment.

    Empowers Individuals

    Partner with your provider and take control of your mental health treatment with the MindMetrix Report.

    Saves Time & Money

    Stop wasting time on expensive appointments with clinicians who don't have all the data. Put an end to trial & error treatment for a one-time cost of $99 (A full in-clinic assessment costs $400 - $600 on average).

    Secure & Anonymous

    We take data security seriously. We do not share your data with any third party or healthcare provider. Your information is yours.

We've got your next steps covered. The most up-to-date information and resources relevant to your conditions.

Real people, real results

Individuals across the U.S. trust MindMetrix for insights.

    "I finally found the answer to a lifetime of mental health struggles."
    - Confidential (Illinois)
    "The platform gave me time and space to think through things on my own time. Oftentimes when filling these out at a prescriber's office, it's intimidating and uncomfortable."
    - Confidential (Michigan)
    "I already talked to my doctor. She LOVED it and was able to start me on meds right away based in my report. She is going to start telling patients about this service. Do I get a referral bonus??"
    - Confidential (Minnesota)

Our latest insights

Rooted in science and data, MindMetrix is committed to furthering our understanding of the human condition.

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MindMetrix should be used for informational and educational purposes only.

We do not practice medicine, diagnose, or provide treatment services as a part of our offering.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or visit the Lifeline Chat to connect with a trained crisis counselor.

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