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MindMetrix informs treatment rather than providing it, enabling you to take results to any prescriber or therapist to achieve better, faster, higher quality treatment outcomes.

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The MindMetrix Story

Many of Dr. Young's patients had spent years & thousands of dollars on treatment with minimal relief before coming to RCBM. A large portion had been misdiagnosed. Knowing that a data-driven approach to diagnosis and treatment was needed, RCBM created a first-of-its-kind diagnostic screening program.

The program received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and RCBM became widely known for its diagnostic precision. In the throes of a mental health crisis in the US, we felt compelled to make this approach accessible to the public, and the MindMetrix online assessment was born.

MindMetrix puts RCBM's highly-reviewed mental health screening process in your hands.

Get it right, right now.

Unlike the free screening tools on the web, the MindMetrix online mental health assessment delivers credible and comprehensive results.

On your terms

We understand that taking the first step (or any step!) towards wellbeing can be overwhelming. With the comprehensive mental health assessment from MindMetrix, you can start your journey towards a better understanding of your own mental health from the comfort of your home. When you are ready, you can take your results to your healthcare provider for diagnosis.

Get the full picture

MindMetrix is not the short test you’d see when signing up for an online therapy subscription, nor is it your run-of-the-mill disorder quiz. Many of those tools are designed to screen for one specific condition, and are not typically validated instruments. MindMetrix assesses for symptoms of 60 mental health conditions, and can compute whether you have an elevated likelihood (and by how much) of having each condition. We do this by combining the published accuracy rates of each of the screening tools we incorporate.

Proven & trusted results

MindMetrix was created by a seasoned team of mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers and professional counselors) who have devoted their careers to studying mental health issues, including how to effectively diagnose and treat ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue, and co-morbid conditions. Our in-depth screening process has seen 20 successful years in practice at the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine in Michigan.

Created for individuals

At MindMetrix, we know that your busy clinician may not have the time to get the full picture of you right away, so MindMetrix empowers you to seek the highest quality of treatment from any prescriber or therapist by sharing a personalized report with data spanning the full range of factors that influence mental health treatment.

MindMetrix is a one-time charge - no ongoing costs or hidden commitments for a confidential way to gain clarity before making the call to a doctor or therapist.

Your report

You're not alone in navigating the path to wellbeing.

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View patterns identified in your assessment, and strategies for working with these conditions. This is your all-in-one guide to navigating the conditions detected, and preparing for a conversation with a doctor or therapist. Written by experts in behavioral health, the report contains:

  • A personalized report PDF to take to a healthcare provider
  • Your results, supported by metrics from a set of carefully-chosen, well-known tests specifically designed for your elevated conditions
  • Diagnostic & treatment considerations for healthcare providers including interactions between your elevated conditions & background information to help tailor treatment
  • Supportive guides written by our team of experts on each condition detected

Healthcare providers trust MindMetrix

Clinicians of all kinds rely on MindMetrix for data and insights.

    MindMetrix helps patients find out exactly what their symptoms mean in a clear and accurate way. It allows them to feel like they are a part of the treatment plan when we go through it together. My patients leave with a greater sense of understanding what is going on with them and are truly appreciative for the comprehensiveness the screening provides.
    Sarah E. Hutton, M.D.
    As a mental health clinician, I value and rely on the information provided in MindMetrix reports. They allow us to understand the full scope of the problem so that we can offer a more precise and individualized approach to treatment planning.
    Judith C. Redmond, LLP, LPC, CAADC
    Thorough screening & assessment is a vital step in understanding a patient’s symptoms and formulating data based decisions about diagnostic impressions. It is also essential for helping guide treatment planning for individuals and their family.
    Ashley Ceresnie, Ph.D., LP

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