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Can MindMetrix diagnose me?

Only a licensed healthcare provider can diagnose you. MindMetrix provides you data to bring to your provider which can help them in their evaluation. Often times, this data is needed in order to make decisions on mental health diagnosis and treatment.

What is the price of the MindMetrix assessment?

Our comprehensive assessment is $99.00. The process works like this: you can start the assessment for free to see if your symptoms warrant further testing, and then pay only when you know it will be a worthwhile purchase. The cost of the average in-person comprehensive assessment or screening is $400.00 - $600.00, so we think MindMetrix is a great option in comparison!

Does MindMetrix take insurance as payment?

MindMetrix is not a healthcare practice so we can not directly bill your insurance. However, most HSA or FSA plans cover testing services, so you may be able to pay with your HSA card or seek reimbursement from your plan. Each plan varies, so be sure to check with yours for more details.

Am I signing up for an ongoing financial commitment?

Nope! MindMetrix is a one-time fee. No commitment or ongoing payments.

Is there a person analyzing my results?

No. In fact, we think using data from an assessment that is conducted & scored entirely online can provide a less biased perspective on your symptoms. It will be up to your personal treatment providers to analyze your results and formally diagnose you.

How long will it take for my results to come back?

Since we use math and population norms to calculate results, the results are emailed to you immediately after completing the assessment.

Do I have to take the assessment in one sitting?

No. In fact, you may wish to take the test in smaller, bite-size pieces. The best data will come from taking your time and answering each question carefully. We do encourage you to complete the test within one week of starting it to ensure that the results are accurate, capturing your "one-point-in-time" state.

Who will see my data?

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your information, and have taken advanced measures to ensure that the data we collect is protected and secured. Taking the MindMetrix assessment is a confidential process, and we do not share your data with any outside entity unless you authorize permission to do so. Before taking the assessment, you will receive information about how your data will be used and/or shared, and will be asked to verify that you have read our privacy policy. You can request clarification on any concerns you may have.

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Which conditions does MindMetrix screen for?

The MindMetrix online assessment can detect over 50 mental health conditions, and incorporates over 60 industry-standard screening tools, when relevant, in order to calculate whether you have an elevated likelihood of having the condition -- and by how much. The full list of conditions we screen for are listed on The Conditions page.

Where can I find more information about mental health conditions?

We write a lot about various mental health conditions, mental illness, psych evaluation, and more. Visit our blog, Metrix on the Mind, for more information.

What is the difference between a "psychological evaluation" and comprehensive "screening or assessment"?

If you are looking to determine if you have a specific learning disorder, an intellectual disorder, or autism spectrum disorder, a full psychological evaluation is necessary.

MindMetrix's assessment is the first step towards a full psychological evaluation. It provides some of the required documentation for Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it helps ensure that a full evaluation is necessary; however, it does not yet identify specific Learning Disabilities or Intellectual Disorders, and does not constitute a psychological evaluation.

Additional assessments that are completed through an evaluation process may be necessary to meet the accommodation requirements set forth by the organization that you are requesting accommodations at, such as your college or university. Psychological evaluations are not billable to any insurances, and Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations require in-person, face-to-face services.

The results from your MindMetrix assessment should be reviewed by a licensed clinician. And, if further evaluation is warranted for one of these conditions, the assessment data should be used in conjunction with a full evaluation conducted by a licensed psychologist to constitute an "evaluation."

Can MindMetrix be used to acquire accommodations in the workplace?

It depends on the workplace and their requirements. In some cases, MindMetrix may be sufficient to document your disability. We recommend checking with Human Resources first to determine whether MindMetrix will suffice. The HR team may benefit from reviewing the MindMetrix website.

Can MindMetrix be used to acquire accommodations in a college or university setting or in standardized testing?

In most cases, psychological screening alone is not sufficient for receiving accommodations in college, on SAT/ACT, GRE/LSAT, MCAT, Bar, etc. Almost always, these will require full psychological evaluations with cognitive and academic testing completed by a licensed psychologist/neuropsychologist with a detailed report including diagnoses and accommodation-use history. Each college, university, and test board sets their own requirements for documenting a disability and the need for accommodations. Some organizations go as far as to say what specific norm-referenced tests must be used to document the disability and need for accommodations, whereas others accept a screening report like MindMetrix along with a letter from one's healthcare provider. We recommend checking with University Support Services or Disability Services.

No matter the organization's requirements, MindMetrix can be a good first step for accommodations evaluation. It may be used to inform decision-making about whether a full evaluation is warranted.

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