Mental health screening, reimagined.

A comprehensive mental health assessment created by busy practitioners who understand the pressure of "getting it right," quickly.

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Maximize your time and improve patient experience

MindMetrix draws on 60+ industry-leading, peer-reviewed psychological rating tools and tests to accurately identify elevated probabilities for over 60 DSM-5 conditions. The result: an in-depth and actionable, data-driven report, generated in under an hour, that significantly enhances clinical decision-making and patient care.

We understand the challenges of serving mental health needs. Practitioners often have tight schedules and overwhelming demands that make it challenging to spend enough time with patients to get a comprehensive diagnostic picture. Yet, there is a very real pressure to “figure things out” quickly and give the patient an immediate path forward. 

One-off rating scales aren't enough

Some providers use the PHQ-9 or other one-off rating scales to measure their patients' mental health. Unfortunately, this is a sliver of the information needed to support an informed diagnosis.

Leave no stone unturned.

By screening all individuals for symptoms associated with 60 psychiatric conditions, MindMetrix ensures that co-occurring symptoms or conditions are not overlooked. The MindMetrix Symptoms Screening is a thorough questionnaire that adapts to include relevant symptoms as the test-taker answers questions that tightly align with DSM-5 criteria. This screening covers symptoms of the most common psychiatric conditions present in the adult population of the United States.

Assess with confidence.

The initial cross-cutting screening builds hypotheses to test in a set of carefully-chosen, peer-reviewed rating scales. The test-taker completes multiple scales per condition to ensure the results we present are accurate. MindMetrix uses probability statistics to automatically calculate the aggregate results from a set of industry-standard tests, based on their published sensitivity/specificity statistics.

Easy-to-read, easy-to-share results.

The MindMetrix Report provides an in-depth PDF report, which includes the results of each scale administered, as well as psycho-education for test-takers on conditions with prominent symptom patterns. It is designed to be shared with the patient, if desired.

Testing validity & rigor

A set of peer-reviewed rating scales for each condition

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Minimize errors in self-reporting

Each individual psychometric test is selected to function within a set of tests (1-4 per condition). Its published sensitivity/specificity statistics are used to weight its result in context of the other tests in the set. In this way, no single measurement is relied upon solely to arrive at an indicated possible condition.

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A unique purpose for each rating scale

To ensure independence of measurement between scales within a set, we built each test set with a selection of scales that each measure the construct of interest in theoretically different ways. For example, for ADHD, one selected rating scale measures frequency and severity of an Adult’s recalled childhood symptoms, while the other rating scale in the test set measures life impact of ADHD signs and symptoms over the last six months.

The report

The information you need, without the headache

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The MindMetrix Report is a PDF document that immediately appears in your account when the patient submits their assessment. It includes the information healthcare providers need to make sound decisions around their patients' care, including:

  • Possible mental health conditions, supported by statistics
  • Rating scale results compared to validated cut-off scores
  • Differential diagnosis steps, curated based on the full set of results
  • Considerations for diagnosis and treatment
  • Life factors relevant to treatment such as cardiovascular issues & history of treatment
  • Relevant medical considerations

In the news

Dr. Young shares the benefits of comprehensive screening in a recent Detroit news segment.

Healthcare providers trust MindMetrix

Clinicians of all kinds rely on MindMetrix for data and insights.

    MindMetrix helps patients find out exactly what their symptoms mean in a clear and accurate way. It allows them to feel like they are a part of the treatment plan when we go through it together. My patients leave with a greater sense of understanding what is going on with them and are truly appreciative for the comprehensiveness the screening provides.
    Sarah E. Hutton, M.D.
    As a mental health clinician, I value and rely on the information provided in MindMetrix reports. They allow us to understand the full scope of the problem so that we can offer a more precise and individualized approach to treatment planning.
    Judith C. Redmond, LLP, LPC, CAADC
    Thorough screening & assessment is a vital step in understanding a patient’s symptoms and formulating data based decisions about diagnostic impressions. It is also essential for helping guide treatment planning for individuals and their family.
    Ashley Ceresnie, Ph.D., LP

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